Reviews for "A Tribute to Stupid"

Nyaan, I remember wondering the same thing myself.

Where did "baloney" even come from if it's "bologna"? Maybe because little kids were scared of something called "bologna" so marketers changed the pronunciation to "baloney" in order to... *continues on random tangent fueled by 100% nonsaturated stupidity*... Which brings us to the conclusion of this seminar on how the Earth is actually bananna shaped and on how sheep's bladders may be used to prevent earthquakes. Wait... wtf am I talking about... Oh, right, I'm reviewing... "bologna"?! What the hell is "bologna"?!... Meh, sorry folks! Anyway, I give this thing:
Animation, 9/10, Art, 8/10, Sound, 8/10, and Humor, 9/10.
So I guess I'll give it a 9/10.

Haha liked it :)

Seen that before but I love that :) Nice idea.

Short and sweet, and funny!

I loved it! Not too long, and it gives me a good laugh!


what a goof!!


Yeah... the video was fun, but... maybe you should use a bigger story... and some better texts.