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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

great game

keep it up, mabye u could make an athalina 2


Nice job man!!!! THis is superb game!!! i like it alot.. but there still some bug in this game, I walk on the south wall of the city and got drag very slowly to nowhere, where it stuck forever, gladly when load the game, i get spawned at the centre of the city.. Anyway, Well done on this game.

i proved u wrong!

i beat it in 1 sitting but its still a good game im gonna beat it again...IN 1 SITTING!

This game owns!

By FAR one of the best games I have played on here.. Beat it in one sit.. 2 hours and 10 minutes!! Woot! This game may have kept me up till 3:30 am but that's ok cause it was soooooo worth it =D good job and I hope to see more like this soon =D


it was fun and didnt get boring and i beat it in about 2 or 3 hours.
shouldve been longer but thats a good thing because it maks u want more.
pretty awesome job on this one.