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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Awsome, but one thing...

This is my first submission for a game on this site but i go around most sites an send makers of the games some glitches i found, an on this one i found is if u click the money icon in your inventory it goes up :S i dont know if u put that in as a secret or something, but it kinda gave me the oppertunity to buy the best weps an armor before leaving the courtyard in the beginning, an not gunna say bout the walls cos everyone has found out bout that.

except from the whole money thing its gr8! hopefully you do make a sequal, maybe even longer? an better sound..nothing wrong exceot it does get annoying.

Pretty good

You did a nice job making this flash

All my 10 r belong to this flash

(+'.'+) This is bunny. And he likes your flash.

My favorite RPG on here.

I haven't beat it yet, but I love this game. It is one ov my favorites!

Woot! we have a winner!

Great game. Very fun and it is highly addictive ;-) a gr8 way to while away the tiime.
one thing tho. Mage = PWNAGE!
have fun ;)

i... i... i...

i finished the game but i waited more challenge fighint vs. lucifous hes easy to kill he only hited me 3 times good thing i alredy have lots of health and mana potions
but exepiting the easy difficult its a good RPG ^_^