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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Very nice RPG

Game play is smooth, most of the rpg elements are there. I really enjoyed this game, I just wish it was more challenging.

Good, but lacking in areas

It was a bit too easy. And also, I thought there should have been more to fighting than hit, different hit, magic blast, hit again. There should have been more strategy and tactics to fighting than that. Otherwise, it's a pretty good game.

great game

I loved it, I just wish I knew a better way of making money on it instead of killing bats, and I don't like how when u beat that demon it takes you to credits so you gotta be quick to save it. lol.


i thought it was quite good i don't like the fact that if you run in to a wall it takes the mick getting out

Nice game

Pretty Addictive, but a little buggy... It seems to me that I´ll always get stuck if i hit any wall or object in the screen...

Graphics don´t look too good... But it´s still a good game!