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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Few Questions

I played this game for a little bit, did not finish it, but have a few questions.
1. Is it possible to sell items? If not you definetly need to add this.
2. Is it possible to turn off the sound/music?
3. Is it possible to use the numpad numbers instead of the other ones?

Thats all of the questions i had.
I still think this is an awsome game. Keep up the good work.

LonLonRanch responds:

1.No 2.No 3.No -Sorry about these things but all of these were things that I thought about doing but never got around to.

Nice, but there's a bug!

I got stuck in the south wall of town and kept moving to the right until I was outside of town, and then couldn't get back in! Grr! Now I have to restart the game.

pure awesume RPG

This is awesume i dont know why it aint on front page im adding this to my favs. lol keep up the great work

True RPG

Now this is a true RPG. I do believe this one is a winner. There are a few bugs like getting pushed out of bounds through objects I can't go though and things like that.

You could make the game harder though by adding in more than one type of enemy in an area. It's not fun to play against only one type of moster per level. If you make a second game do something about that.

Also, can you do something about the town graphics? They all look the same. Each shop is identical. Mabey you could remake them.

Another thing is that free will to go into some levels more than twice is cut off. That makes me sad. Mabey you could add a world map to go to. That would fix that.

My final thing that I didn't like was that the backgrounds of the dungeons/forests were all the same. You didn't take the least bit of time in making it so that the places have a uniqe feel. That is one thing you could work on.

LonLonRanch responds:

True RPG, True review. This is a good review, thanks for that. You addressed some good points and noticed game flaws that I didn't think about. I went ahead and altered the town shops a little. but they still are similar.


This has to be one of my favourite submissions on newgroounds! a 5 for u!