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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Exceedingly nice

It was a very good game, quests and all. I havnt seen quests in these kinds of games in a while. However I found a nice little glitch. When you go to a store and click on your gold, it increases by 20 per click. I had a little fun with that. Just thought I'd point that out.

I knew this would reach daily feature

Now when's front page?

Its one of the best game on newgrounds.

But there is a major problem. You just have to use all your stat at each level in defense and then you become invincible, the monster dont hurt you anymore. Seriously, after the third quest I just had to buy a good shield and from that point on I was never hurt at all except by the mages (who are still easy to kill).

Top quality, interesting style, and good music.

The visual style of the world is interesting. The quest writing is good, though a few quests could have a bit more meaning. The music I thought was quite excelent, has the same feeling as music in Zelda. A large amount of equipment, almost seams too large at times, but good variety. A few collision bugs, but nothing too serious.

Looks Great!

Looks really good, love the graphics and the style. Hope I see great work out of you on our game project.