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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Awsome game!

awsome rpg game

ignore the previous comment

Because runscape sucks, this doesn't

Well done

This game is alot like Runescape where you die and end up back at the same place and the music is almost the same but I do like it though!


Cool game, but a bit more story could have been better ^^ Liked it, thanks for made this =D

Mouse use = completely unnessisary

Why was the mouse included? It is just a compete hinderence, when you could have just as easily made magic activated my spacebar or something similar to that. And picking stuff up to any key really. The only thing it was good for is equipping and using items, and accessing menus. It was completely pointless to include it in battle.

The "walk-thru stuff" bug was really irritating, I found my self saving after doing anything because at any moment something might force me through a wall into nowhere. My favorites we're "building forces me outside of town" and "monster forces me into bushes".