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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

It's showing it's age now, but it's a great RPG. While I prefer the sequel/prequel, Hero RPG, this is one hell of a game no matter how old it is.

I did not like it as much as most people, but I still thought this was good. I admit that the worst thing about it is how the graphics aren't that good. It just doesn't seem high in terms of quality. I appreciate all the work put into the little details. While it didn't look that good, it actually did have decent gameplay. It was pretty straightforward.

That's probably going to sound shallow coming from someone who isn't a fan of RPGs. While it didn't have anything that unique, it wasn't too bad at all. It helps that the music was good. It's interesting to see the different kinds of music that's being used. Yeah, I'm not doing well with this review, am I?

Kinda boring and repetitive. @ricypogy20 Actually the boss is very easy to defeat, all the enemies are vulnerable to two-hitting and withdrawing before taking a hit, being slow the boss is the most susceptible, just got to keep moving.

Is there a save button..

awesome but i keep dying and dying its abit hard but love this RPG (fun with pun)