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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"


this game was alright, the graphics could be better. The save is kinfa stuffed, i loaded my character and he was missing some items. You should fix that. Other than that, it was a decent game, well done

hell yes..

diablo kicks ass.. i loved this game. very addicting.. good job.

Pretty good..but lacking something.

Like I said before, it WAS good and I liked it because you had everything I look for in an RPG: an equipment system, item system, some kind of battle system, stores, towns, and enemies to fight. But it was lacking a good storyline...you just had something like 'He thought his journey was over, but it just begun'...it was also confusing...the storyline. If he thought it was over, than it had to begin some time ago, rather than begin again.

GRAPHICS: Pretty basic and not decent. You get a seven.

STYLE: The storyline counts in the style along with the elements of the game. The elements recieve a five, and the storyline a two. You the style is a seven.

SOUND: The music got repetive and I couldn't really tell when the songs switched (that is, if they did switch). So, this recieves a five.

VIOLENCE: There was violence. You could use weapons to kill, and there was some blood and signs of people dying and falling to the ground. A six.

INTERACTIVITY: The spell system, movement, battle system, and able to buy and use stuff...it recieves an eight.

HUMOR: Nope.

OVERALL: You, sir, are NOT a noob. Congratulations, you get a average seven!

Lol,I Bet In One Sitting ;p About 2 Hours

Really Liked It I Got All Swords And Junk :P Awsome!!


took me a whole day to complete it but it was worth it. most games r not worth it. 11/10<if i do that it meens its in my favs :)