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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

wii so funny

this rpg is 7h3 w1n! beated it in 1 setting :D

ok game

ok game



god forbid if i run into a wall tho :( only downside. but i still give it a 10/10 for sheer brilliance ;)

I have no life :(

beat it in one setting

wow. that was... easy.

heh. i got to lvl 40 and threw all my stat points in armor, and all my skill points in damage. my armor was so high by the time i got to lucifous, that well... he didn't even do 1 damage to me. which is a lil cheap. oh and as for the leveling cheat, once you get the repeatable gold quest for bat cave, just click "start" on the quest window for the guy and hold space. do so repeatedly. it makes it much easier to do the cheat.