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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

nice job

Ok... to these people claiming you copied things: Runescape or any of those other games you guys keep saying didn't invent quests, gold, swords, forests, or bandits. Just because someone uses a steel sword, or gold, or a quest in their game doesnt mean they ripped someone off.

Im sure you know this, but there are a few bugs that bugged me (no pun intended)
At the mage tower, when the mages spot you they move backwards a little... making it confusing to hit.
Of course you know about the wall bug so I wont go into detail.
At some point in the game (right before the mage tower I think) the weapon store got stuck open.

Other than that, great game. I have a few suggestions though:
Add some sound! And a little more music, it gets repetitive.
Show the damage you take.
If possible, make a map.

Nicely Done

This is one of my favorite Flash games. It is like a mini Diablo, and it is long, but it makes it fun. The difficulty is perfect, not too hard nor too easy. My main complaint is that the wall bug is really annoying. For instance, in the city, if you go down between the castle and what I'm guessing is the inn, and you go to left and face towards the wall, you'll end up stuck to the wall going right and you end up outside of the city walls. Other than that, though, fun game! Where's the sequel?


nah just kidding great game but u must of ripped oblivion off, i mean Elwere( however you spell it) insted of Elswere.i cant wait for a sequal! sound does get annoying though.

great game

best online rpg i have played in ages without getting bored. wondering wether there are more quests or not. although the interactivity isnt really good

Best top view RPG ever made

with out a doubt this is one of the best Top view RPG i have ever played. You should really make a second one with more items and enemies. keep up the awesome work.