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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

I loved it!

This game is AWESOME! It was a little easy after I got a hit and run strategy going.

Nice game, but way too easy

A good strategy would be to just hit and run away before the enemy can hit you. This way, you are basically invisible and can kill anyone no matter what your level is.

Doing the quests in order is wayy too easy. You can probably beat lucifier at level 5.
You should be able to access the beginnings of every quest instead of doing it in order for those who wants to skip quests. The level of difficulty of the quest could be told to the players before they make the dicision to accept the quest.

boring and short

the game was very short but took awhile to do. not many missions at all. I WASTED MY TIME!!!

Lol i played this game before some bugs were fixed

i remember the money cheat lol. My friends in school wanted to make an rpg gaem =/ it sucks, hard. We have a loser as a programmer who spends more time playing games than coding. He doesnt even know how to work the inventory system yet. Our designers had us get sprites from the internet, expect me to alter them for high graphic attacks( these are bitmap sprites they loaded) and they dont even know what a keyframe is. is am sitting there while everyone is yelling at me thinking
HELP ME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is poo. we have been working for 2 months now and we dont even have the first scene done.

amazing game

this is the best game on newgrounds and i have been usin this site for years