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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

To easy...

Good but a bit to easy otherwise a good game!


Great game!!! 8/10

I loved it! The only thing was that you should be able to buy more objects. I got the best of everything in like 20 minutes. But overall the game was at least an 8/10.


it was good but the game seemed to never end.

Not bad but not great!

This game has many probs in it especialy with the walking and fighting.
Using a melee weapon is too easy but very clumsy, using the magic is kind of annoying fix those if you make a sequel.
I found that the enemies were stupid and overpowering sometimes and that some of the spell are quite useless.
But it had imagination and the ability to choose between a warrior's path and a magician's path so I gotta give it some credit.
Overall not too bad but not that great.

Pretty cool

Note: Walking way 1 causes the prob. Cuz if you walk into the wall it pushes u the opaset way u r facein