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Reviews for "-Robot Chicken Attempt-"

Extremley Short!

This was way too short, it wasnt even 10 sec. long. I mean The Bouncer was longer than this piece of crap!


im not gonna lie to ya man.i think this is the only thing uv done that i like.make more plz...HOLY FREAKING HELL!LOL!


it wasnt that great at all and thats about it

good try

It was a good try i can say that. But you can say "super short" a few more times.
plus all i saw was a mouth. whats with that?
The sound was good tho.

D-Fear331 responds:

You most likely dont have flash 8 or something.

Not really "Robot Chicken."

It made no sense, like Robot Chicken, so I'll give you credit for that. But it's not funny, and it needs about 10 more skits to even be close to an attempt at Robot Chicken!!
Forgive me, but the low score is my honest opinion.