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Reviews for "-Robot Chicken Attempt-"

Nice stop-motion.

That was a good stop-motion, even if it wasn't your first attempt. This is waaaaaaaay too short to be on Newgrounds, but I protected it because the animation was very good. It did have a sort of Robot Chicken-esque style, but Robot Chicken is several shorts put together. If you continued to do shorts like this, I suggest making many of them and putting them together. Also, nice job on the lip syncing. I hope to see some more from you.


This has serious potential. This one is probably gonna get blammed, but if you make a full length one you'll really have sumthin going.


That was really funny, but like you said it was short. If you would make a full length movie it would make front page. Hope you make more and longer movies. I gave it a 5 to help protect it as much as i can


short and sweet.i just love the voice!!! very funny for first time stop animator. keep it up.