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Reviews for "-Robot Chicken Attempt-"


thats so damn funny, the only problem is that when he said holy frreaking helll there was a too long of a pause...anyway that ROCKED the sounds were great!


This was very good stop motion

You did a great job on this. Very nicely animated. If you can create a full length "Robot Chicken" style short of this quality, you'll be doing really well. Also, the stills of the character are a bit blurry. Clearer photos would help.

lol its funny, but...

make it longer next time and it will score higher

Make another

I liked it and you should make another but the reason why i didnt score it very high was because it was REALY SHORT

that was good

this was a great attempt! I really laughed at it. It was like a deleted scene from Robot Chicken. Good Job, you should make a longer spoof.