Reviews for "Serene Intro"

Not bad

I liked most of it, until the music of the serene part with the dancing logo's...

Killed it...

My knightmaers will be filled with that freaking music till the breaking


For once animation that looks worth a damn. Don't pay any attention to the guy the posted previously. Listen this looks awsome. And the only thing I say that looked close to final Fantasy whas the character resembling Vincent. Other than that this was totally original. The music how ever was annyoing. Other than that this flash looks promiseing looking forward to seeing it. Keep up the good work. =D

good animation

sucky music choice....

Just a tip

It's looks cool and all, but at least put up some kind of border, seeing how the bottom fo the screen shows of the cutoffs of your movie clips and graphics.

I like the animation but..

You have a nice art style andanimation was good but the sounds made my ear bleed especially right after the part where all the characters faces scroll away. Cant wait to see more.