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Reviews for "Satan playtime"


I love this music. It help's to support the feeling of Satan wanting to be good and help Leo, but he doesn't. Although, Awesome dude. I love you'r vids and I have shown this to as many friends as possible. They also really like ur Left 4 Speed duos. Maybe because they meet up in the new map, you can make a Sequal with all of them meeting up. I mean, even though Bill gets slaughtered, but maybe you can make it funny, I mean heck, you can make anything funny if you put your mind to it. Nice work dude.


here 2? Like i said by the other song.
stop talking about how funny the cartoon was and talk about the music itself

I think you made this piece of music very nice again.
It was calm and exited at the same time.
But i cant imagen this piece of music in a sex scene

This song...

Makes Leo & Satan funnier because this calm of music put in something so scary


socks are for your feet silly. =3

See satan?

This is almost harder than the debt of my sister's unborn fetus.