Reviews for "The Ring Collab"


the screamers were pretty bad, but the random singing had that wierd spooky effect... pretty good

Screamers suck.

Screamers suck. The first one with the well scratching was awesome though.


Eh it was ok though the clown bastard got me lol (only for like 2 seconds) anyways i liked it so i suggest you make a few more with the whole Collab dealio in the next few.


I can't fucking believe you used Doll's Polyphony in a The Ring Flash!
You are fucking awesome!


What a great theme to create a collab around, now lets see what you guys have got;

Rtil: Wow that was actually really good, i loved the way you did the character design for the girl it came off as really funny for some reason, maybe because it looked so cute 8/10

ZekeySpaceyLizard: I was just waiting for you to scare me with this one, i loved the setup you created with the tv, and that clown was so well drawn 8/10

Fat_Badger: Poor little badger he got the shock of his life on that one, i thought that the setup was really similar to ZSL's but you did bring the badger which i congratulate you for 7/10

Squarehard: Talk about creepy, this was well designs the shockingly simple layout and the static appearance of the girl really made this the scariest of the bunch 9/10

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