Reviews for "Flash Tutorials"


THAnks a lot this is so helpfull!


this has helped me alot......*whisper* i never knew how to put in a replay button or play on my movie :P so thanks alot!!!

Excellant! Helped so much!

I loved this guide. As a first-time making a little flash movie, I used your guide. Still, my movie is very crappy, you taught me so much about the program and I refer to it if I ever get stuck. Thanks, and great job!

Thanks a lot!

this tutorial really helped me. I've been looking for tutorials all yesterday but they were all old. Before i didn't know how to make a button work, now i do. thanks!

good tutorial

to the person below, i have actionscript for a next button and other actionscripts as well, PM me = D

ottermaniac responds:

thanks, and i must mention next buttons are just play buttons :P