Reviews for "SMB: The Key Grab"

That Monkey Is Discusting

That was a great movie and I can't wait to see part 2 when is comes out. I think that monkey went too far when he was talking to that mask guy. I guess the best went for Luigi this time and the worse went to Mario. Overall not a bad movie to watch, but not recomended for a geezer to watch.

Weee! Ramdomness!!

Haha, great, I got a laught out of that. As I said above, randomness!

Cool flash, anxious to see the next part (It did say "to be continued")

Kinda funny

Its was. Especially the random toad thumping MJ! The only thing is mario shouldn't have talked... it kinda spoiled his image. But other than that it was alright. =)

that last reviewer was so gay

omg that was cool! i loved the "hand over that shiney object, NOOOOOOW! LMAO! fantastic flash! lovely background animation too =)


I enjoyed your flash, up until the Korn song. I think to play such music during a pivital scene in your flash is too cliche for me. The appearance of Monty Python music was refreshing and made me chuckle.
Whoever does your voice acting is top notch and syncing was definately notable.