Reviews for "SMB: The Key Grab"

OOOO hahahahahah a easter egg

when the first monkey appeared clck on the monkey to easter egg
but the at the castle i suprised monkey says 9now0 OTW!!!!!!!!!!!


cool flash movie!

Oh my god.

I saw link in the back of the castle!To tell the truth in RL I really like link.Plus User 2 down = Robloxian Head


I love your sprite movies!!! How the hell do you make them I wanna try it!!!
It was silly when Luigi randomly started dancing for no particular reason, and I loved the various sprites, even though most of them were only props. Make moar plz!@!@!$#@#$@^#@^!

So darn hilarious!

There should be a collection called "The Collection Of Videos That Are Too Damn Funny". I totally think so.