Reviews for "SMB: The Key Grab"

Heard Dani California on the radio and came back here after nearly 13 years, man i miss 2006.

I love monkeys in this old flash movie with Mario and it's awesome.
I give you 5 stars from me buddy! :D :D

WADDAFAA!? Terraria character in a HERO Uniform!? HOLY SHIT TERRARIA :DDD I love terraria! That game is so FAWKANG ARGHH *Bangs Head in wall*

Lol that mask is so dumb. Those ukikis! What jokers. I must admit, Mario and Luigi's voices are pretty good.

This video is my favorite action movie!

I like the way you created this video, Darius R. and Matt Morandi! I mean, I liked the part where Mario barely escaped from the mask with the key via his possession. Also, the monkey duo followed him wherever he went with the key. They were curious about what the key was for and set out to find out. I find this video as quite interesting and I could likely add it to my favorites.

I gave this project an B and 88/100. Thank you very much and happy new year!