Reviews for "Beware the Killer Lunch Box!"

I keep telling everybody! He's a toaster!

Sweet remix, but he is a toaster!
I really like this remix.

Aah gravity

My favourite boss theme right after final battle and you did it justice, makes me want to pound balrog with endless super rocket volleys, worth listening surely

PS. Balrog always looked more like toaster to me, a toaster that can fly and shoot missiles no less.

Not what i expected

I saw this at the top of the list and thought "Oh god, its another retarded song and someone has lolvoted it a 5"

I was wrong, this is great and deserves a 8/4 from me.

Charem responds:

Guilty, in a way! x3 I always vote my songs a 5 after I submit them, just to get them into the public eye. People can vote it to a level they find best, from there.

Thanks for the 8! Sadly it looks like I'm 1.94/5.00 for the moment. =( People are harsh here.