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Reviews for "TANK GIRL"


Wasn't this like, some comic book or something?
Anyways, nice job.

Looks like a comic, its so beautifull

That's great.

I didn't know Egoraptor was such an artist. In his flashes he usually... Doesn't draw as well as he does here. Anyways, the coloring is what you did so I'll just have to go on that. I think it's pretty good and I really like the fact that you added a background. The hand and footprints on the hill add a kind of nice touch as well. The coloring is great. But since you didn't draw this I'll have to take away a tiny bit from my review. Overall, 9/10.


Yet another cool piece from ya, I must admit though Ego should have all the credit for this it is the heart of the art!


but shouldent they tell egoraptor to keep sdrawing like that instead of you? :O