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Reviews for "TANK GIRL"

egoraptor feat johnny utah

a big deal for newground that you're born, the result of this mini collab is awesome and, also if i'm lvl3 and my vote count nothing, i'll give you a 5 and sorry if my english was bad to read, amazing job

yes it figures

yep i recognizes the egoraptors drawings but hell! thats one fine photoshop technique!

I wonder if Jamie Hewlett will try to sue you...

Cuz the 'original' Tank Girl still is a big iffy.

Both are Tanks...Driving in the ruins of the future of a desert.

It's....REALLY hard for me to choose which Tank Girl I like better.

Both are Tank Girls...one's a punk...this one's a hot soldier.

Meh...Jamie Hewlett will be the asshole for suing.


From a simple sketch, you really buffed out the art quality with photoshop.


This is really good. I actually have my own set of tank girls in the works right now, only their not in front of a tank and they're just posing. Anyway, very good work!


She has no sleeves, those grades are tattoossssss daaaaaaamn