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Reviews for "TANK GIRL"


sweet light effects,right shades and pose and all, but man...
does she have her private room and showeror sumthin? because knowing the tankmens...


Very good. I love it and the coloring.

egoraptor feat johnny utah

a big deal for newground that you're born, the result of this mini collab is awesome and, also if i'm lvl3 and my vote count nothing, i'll give you a 5 and sorry if my english was bad to read, amazing job

that ego...

i saw the preview for it and i though to myself "thats egoraptors." he has a very distinctive style and i fucking love it. good job colorin it jeffyutah

Very good!

I love how you always put in as much shading as possible to make it beautiful artwork, and how it always looks great. I don't know how you do it. But keep doing it.