Reviews for "Destroy the World"

Not bad

It isn't bad but the missles are really hard to avoid, even on normal. All in all a very solid game.


This is one of the worst games ive played on newgrounds. its horrible. aiming sucks, cause for what ever reason u float around on your own. ill be aiming at somtihng, then for watever reason, my ship flys up. go do some work to this game and actually make a game, not some crap slapped togeather.

Flyborg responds:

Actually that's because the ship reacts to getting shot - get shot less.

You're not the friendliest Canadian (boo) this is obviously not "slapped together".


Controls were a bit jumpy...space ship needs to be a bit higher up or else there is soo much action on screen to avoid...and where are the anal probes?

Been done.....

Controls were waaaay too jumpy, the laser cannon had this nasty habit of firing in different directions for no reason and this concept in general is getting old. Don't get me wrong, the graphics are very nice, but there's nothing new here.

gave u 10 on humor cuz it mad me laugh!

this is utter crap! i hate this the controls are shaky and on easy lvl 2 is impossible cause in 2 seconds there are 50 tanks carging me!