Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Ep. 8"

Funny shit, i want moooore!

Best bit was obviously when the army came, and the guys from LOTR got screwed XD

what the hell is edwardo?

really im still trying to fugier it out

SmokedBacon responds:

Eduardo is many things.

He's a jackass, a stoner, a drunk, a bank robber, a goat-f**ker, a knowledgeable vampire hunter, a writer/director, a "Pirate Snake" fan, he's Anti-Panda, Anti-Caribou, and even spent some time as a giant carrot.

He's a chupacabra.

i laughed so hard , i cried tears of bacon

well yep , i was just looking to kill a few minutes while my pop tarts cooked, but ended up tottaly fucking losing it.. im g onna give this episode 10/10 for causing me facial excretion of a pork product.
if u dont think this is even slightly amusing, please end your life in a messy, half arsed attempt

aww man...

this epiode was awesome but whenever i give a good rating it just subtracts it from the regular rating. TELL ME HOW TO STOP IT!

eduardo is the best

nuff said