Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Ep. 8"


I liked that alot there was a ton of creativity in that and the art was pretty good alot of effort i can tell. Good job there and keep up the good work
P.S I liked the story line alot too :)

Finally something that doesn't suck.

The animation and humor are perfecct, that's a given. if this is episode 8, then I need to be watching episodes 1-7! I love the chatacters, They remind me of somethimng from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Gooch sounds like Meatwad. Haha- John-Jacob jingle-heimer-shmidt!.. Screw the Caribou!

IOU one army

I liked this one a lot. Well done guys.
So when does the next one come out?


you win a 10 this time apartment 51!

We are going to protest about the carobiu

Go, without me. That is the funniest line in this movie.