Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Ep. 8"

kinda boring

this 1 waz a bit boring to me not very funny. but the rest of ur stuff is great

funny as hell

make more


it sorta funny, but at the same time, I fell ya man


what the hell? forreal, in several other episodes, the phrase, "fuck the ____" was used, but in this one, it was "screw the caribou" why?
i mean it doesnt matter, it was still funny but why?
it needed that as a punchline and to make stupid people feel they know what was going on.
still pretty good tho.

Not your normal episode.

Very different then the others with the plot and them traveling to alaska for oil and then how things progressed from there it was a bit odd but still a great episode and i like how Death had a big role in this episode too,great job. =)