Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Ep. 8"

such a creative series!

i really have enjoyed the whole apartment 51 series... i like batboy more now than in the begining... but chester needs to ditch the alien space-suit and go back to being the responsible shirt & tie guy he was in the begining. although i think you toned down eduardo a bit too much, he used to be more of a (lovable) jerk. also,he riminds me of guys i dated in high school.
please keep up the series! it's great!

SmokedBacon responds:

Just wait till Episode 9... Eduardo is back to being a complete jackass.

good work

the guy who does the voices is pretty good at that. this is a clever idea for a series. are all of them supposed to be legendary creatures like bigfoot and chupacabra? You can tell that none of them exist cause all the pictures of them are always blury

Best Episode

That was the Best Episode so far! Keep up the Good work, Mr. Bacon

Good Movie

Instant Reminising
Humanoid Caribou
Protests of opinion.

who knows?

maybe the caribou are pumping oil, still good stuff man. sound was a little fuzzy though