Reviews for "Apartment 51 - Ep. 8"

what the hell is edwardo?

really im still trying to fugier it out

SmokedBacon responds:

Eduardo is many things.

He's a jackass, a stoner, a drunk, a bank robber, a goat-f**ker, a knowledgeable vampire hunter, a writer/director, a "Pirate Snake" fan, he's Anti-Panda, Anti-Caribou, and even spent some time as a giant carrot.

He's a chupacabra.

Funny stuff

Starwars / LOTR references brilliant. Your plots are well developed, including your characters. I love this series.

lmao once again

'nother good one wooooot XD
keep 'em comin!


so rowherion on the carbuus natturall enemy that might be good to know


ive watched all of yuur episodes i love them especially the gay moth