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Reviews for "Rex the Runt Remix"

not bad in fact i like it

i have the rex the runt sries !!!!!!!!!

Uhhh ok? I didnt quitte get the message but nice tried,.,. Couldnt here the voices well... Because the music was too loud...

I like it

Largely because its reminded me how much i love rex the runt. It's basically when South Park meets Wallace and Gromit. Anyhoo you seem to have a fairly good grip with flash. I think with a bit more work you good be a very good animator. The characters on this were pretty accurate, so keep up the good work.

very very insane

And I loved it!
smooth animation and lip synch
and I see you placed your Ed guy as well :D
good job man!


Hey Edd it's Ell.

This movie is depressing.