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Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"

awesome as always.

for the first part of the song i had no idea what "vocals" the people who reveiwed before me where talking about, but when they came in i understood both the title and what they where talking about. and i disagree, the vocals should not be changed, cartman would sound wrong then. 5/5

hopeku responds:

haha it all started when I asked phone why did he named his song jew gold. He told me it was after a southpark episode. So I thought about getting the vocal and putting it into my new edit.

Thanks buddy for such awesome comment!

I like the other one better.

This one doesn't have as much kick as the other one, the synths aren't strong enough in my opinion, some bits sounded better mastered (obviously) but apart from that i think it sounds to lightweight. Vocals are cool though. Maybe make them harder to hear, and slightly deeper. It kind of doesn't fit with the darkness of the song with them being so squeeky.

hopeku responds:

haha well I defenitely won't agree with you with that but as long as you like the other version then i'm happy :)

Can I get a nonvocal version?

I love the song, but the vocals kind of ruin it, in my opinion.. sorry. Can I get a version without vocals?

hopeku responds:

Nah sorry ;)

But thanks for liking it!

i love it!!

im going to use this for my nexy shuffle video:)) i will give you credit i really like the funk in the begining.

hopeku responds:

haha great!

Thanks man


it felt all over the place in one of those "its awesomer like that" ways... definetly gold