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Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"


psytrance or goa? cant really tell, cus im a noobert at genres. what i cán tell though is that i have heard a lot of good tracks, and damn this is one of em. GJ on this! I actually sought for flaws to deduct points for (cus i like being a hard critic). but those 10/10 5/5 belong to you.

hopeku responds:

Hey thanks man, this is actually fullon psytrance!

the songs name is a bit wrong

jew gold is only a minor feature in it, you should call it something featuring jew gold or with jew gold, apart from that pretty nice, the sound clip didnt destroy the whole song and it was a cool song

hopeku responds:

I hope you have another reason than the name for giving a seven haha

Anyway thanks!


psy trance is the best kind of trance, the song pretty much feels like a story and it is always great to hear.

to Lizardman974, there are hundreds of songs out there (pro and amature) taht use clips from movies or tv shows, and unlessit is acually being distributed on an album from a recorc company, thats when you have to say where the clips are from, because you have to say every person's name on who made the song. but newgrounds dont have these standards unless your doing a cover, then you give credet to the original artest.

hopeku responds:

actually as long as it's no commercial purpose I don't have nothing to worry about. And even if i had their permission to put the quote in my song and sell it, I wouldn't be obligated to put any credits, unless they want me to. :)

Thanks man!

this is....

not sparta :) it is a superb song!
I Like every thing you have done here

So Classy Haha

It never gets old or repetitive; the song is completely gorgeous, nice work! I gotta say, the best thing about it is the creative melody in the synth. It really sets it apart from others. Plus, its got South Park, who wouldn't like that?

P.s. To Lizardman974: You're Fail. Just.. pure failure.

hopeku responds:

hahaha thanks man!! really appreciated (also funny)