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Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"

Nice One!

I loved it because its one of bass+beat songs :D

PsyTrance couldn't get any better on NewGrounds

VERY well done. Loving the reverb and synths you used in this. Reminds me of an amazing X files remix I heard once, only the drumtrack has a hint of something else familiar. Whatever you did to it, I'm enjoying this the further in I listen. And the South Park quotes just nailed it perfectly.

hopeku responds:

thanks a lot! :)

This would make great Madness music

Or possibly some other shootey flash

Hot damn!

You really get a 20 but it won't let me go that high. Sounds great, really energetic and gets you pumped!

hopeku responds:


Nice and Easy

I'm adding this song to my playlist of trance songs to help me g to sleep (i mean this as a compliment).

hopeku responds:

it sure is, thanks!