Reviews for "Ph0ne & Hopeku - Jew gold"


That beat is sick. It would be 10/10, but that awkward 20 second silences kills it.

hopeku responds:



Awesome track guys! It made me go all rainbowy and colorful 8D XD

Btw great use of your audio gear in this one (whatever gear u used anyway... :P) and very good mixing too!

I'm assuming it isn't mastered yet, is it?

Aaaanyway! Great work you both!

P.S. Voices at the middle = WIN!

hopeku responds:

You're right it's not mastered :)

I used fruity loop as my sequencer and some Plugins.

Thanks man!!

Sounds like...

... it could be in a racing game like Forza or something. I think the kick could have been tuned slightly to give a deeper umph to it.


P.S. I think it's House :P

hopeku responds:

Psytrance ;)

good song

good song


this is so great, i love the first halfs beat, and the 2nds even more. the soulth park cluip added humor so its all around great...