Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

credit to society

when you watch so many crap submissions in a day you become suicidal and irrational, however, the occasional gem can stop these deaths from having to happen. That is what you have done, you have saved the lives of thousands of newgrounders who thought there was no hope of a good submission today

the graphics were very good, the story was pointless, but amusing making it more than just ok. Very humerous. I can sleep well tonight knowing that there is someone who can make good flash out there.

Very good!

Solid animation and good voice acting made this a very enjoyable flash. Keep up the good work!

Wonchop responds:

heehee thanks


this is ok, the grafics are realy good and the story is prety cool. so 5/5.

Wonchop responds:


He's more that just a bunny cat

I really liked this cartoon, it flowed really well, and anything that has the word beeyotch in it is good by me. I also really liked the design of the characters, and their voices.

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The ninja antics, and the joke about flash 8 is what made this so funny, i look forward to more bunnycat ^_^

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