Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"


Wow, this animation was very smooth, so you got the recpect point from me :) Alright, the movie was soooooo funny, that i laughed soooo much. Voice acting was amazing! Oh yeah, and i liked a lot, because there was no black lines on characters. Egh... I don't know what to say more, jsut amazing, funny, and pretty cool. Keep it up :)


Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

Cool Song

Graphics were very smooth in this movie. The color tone was very specific and in good detial. Also the soft tone moved well with the animation and movements. The style was good for this genre. The plot was short, but had good humor and the scene with the ice cream covered in glass and other nasty objects was funny. In overall good short with a odd yet good theme song.

Wonchop responds:

heehee, glad SOMEONE likes it XD


wow all i can say is that randomness is 1 of the best types of humor.

ps. i love the part with flash player 8 LOL who buys it?

Wonchop responds:

Well, technically noone buys Flash Player 8, since that's downloaded off the Macromedia site. I assume you're supposed to be referring to Flash 8 (total difference)


U need to make more of this its funny

Wonchop responds:



I agree with the person before me, it may look simple, but it isn't. Don't criticize too hard unless you have tried it before and it came easy to you, and even then a little humility never hurt. Those who cannot do choose to criticize.

Anyway, another good flash, keep it up.