Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Was this supposed to be entertaining?

And ninjas rule.

Wonchop responds:


Pretty good, dude.

I liked it all, except for the gradient main background. If you are going for a lineless effect thing time around, it doesnt mean it can't be detailed. Just make it nice, with lines, shade it really good, and then remove all the lines.

Then again, you probably already knew that...

Wonchop responds:

Well it was more to fit in with the style of the previous episode.

Cool Song

Graphics were very smooth in this movie. The color tone was very specific and in good detial. Also the soft tone moved well with the animation and movements. The style was good for this genre. The plot was short, but had good humor and the scene with the ice cream covered in glass and other nasty objects was funny. In overall good short with a odd yet good theme song.

Wonchop responds:

heehee, glad SOMEONE likes it XD


Wow everthings so clean. how many body parts does each charater have anyway, I could never make anything like that I get annoyed if I have to tween more then 2 things for 1 charater. anyway Good job, and heres your first 10!

Wonchop responds:

Lesse, if my memory recalls: Bunnycat was made up of 17 pieces, the ninja was made up of 6 pieces and the Macromedia guy a simple 4.


eeew! he still ate the ice cream!! Anywhoo, that was really good! It was very smooth. I like the ninja best. Macromedia guy second best^__^

Wonchop responds: