Reviews for "-Dreadnaught"

I loved it

I know of the name Dreadnaught with it being used as a huge warship in Final Fantasy games but forgetting the name this was one awesome song you made with it having both a metal and a video game feel so it was really jammin and it's a must download for me,keep up the great work. =D

Boss fight!

I could see the boss now. "Dreadnaught" A heavily armoured Man with two nukes on the back, while carrying two other weapons a bigass sword made out of the strongest steel known to man and the other hand is armed with a gatling gun with an attachable rocket launcher. As you begin your attacks he slowly moves forward at you each step a thundering stomp that causes you to tremble as you try to hide he hacks a building to shreds with his gigantic sword as he searches for you, as you begin to take off running his chest opens up revealing a hidden missile barrage. As the Dreadnaught begins to release missile by missile at you, you try to counter them as best as possible. A team mate seeing your situation growing grim each second that passes calls in an air strike, as two of the bombers flying by hit him directly the third is smacked out of the sky.

As the dreadnaught's armor starts falling His real abilities show, your friend that had called the airstrike is lit up by the Dreadnaught's gatling gun. As you sneak up upon the metal man, you place a charge upon one of his nukes. Seeing this he turns around and Nukes you.

As you and your team lie dead the Dreadnaught walks off into the distance (after repairing his armor to full strength) and the Legend of the indestructible Dreadnaught haunts the men who seek it out.

Thats the story of My Character: The Dreadnaught.

MashedByMachines responds:

hahaha wow that is epic! Please tell me that you are gonna make a flash out of that :D


its kinda reminds me of final boss in a finalfantasy game and i love it as it is the synth could be an organ to make the church feeling to it

I'm thinking boss fight

definitely! I'd take out the synth organ and put in something else, not quite sure what. otherwise this is excellent!


To the ASS!
So fun~ I only wish it were a bit longer and less loopy, then I'd be doing some epic shit to this on my iPod.

MashedByMachines responds:

Well I thought that it would fit into a game, so I didnt do too much variation. Thanks for your review :)