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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

Great fun

That was the shit. those little bastards are fast. and the tunes were fuckin great

You sir, are a fucking genious

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! DUCK ACTIVATED?! LOL! You are a fucking genious sir, and for once I actually liked an advert game.

//AciD of Ankhack

This game is a blast!

I really liked the graphics and the hand guns! (literlly) Where did you get the idea for this game. I love it. Thanks. =)


+ Very very very original
+ Long game = more fun
+ Hard but not impossible (I love a challenge)

- Your style of music isn't mine

By the way, in which country/city were you?

this is teh shit!!!!!!

this must be the best flash i have played, EVAR!! you must have put years of effort into this game