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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

Amazing, yet simple

this was a very entertaining game, and suprisingly long for its type
the bosses were very clever, especcially the dumpster, how it was part of the scenery.
I enjoy how you could get different hand powers, and that it actually had ammo, while also using one hand for an mp3 player
the last boss should have been an ipod, unless they would get mad.

I also really enjoy the music, because i had never known anyone else who had ever heard of gogol.
I have colpetewly different songs by him, but for the most part, i just kept playing the game cause i liked the music
though start wearing purple would have been a good song for it too

the duck button was completely neccesarry
The first time i pressed it, i didnt know i did, and was confused why the duck wasnt dying, but once i realised it i just started laughing

nicely done

i really like the choice of music, gogol bordello kicks ass!

*huff* *puff*

the game really stimulates your finger muscles and reflexes...it's good specially the background music, it's approppriate to the mood

really good but...

when there was 2 frog sheriffs after the robot it froze and i killed one and was shooting the other for like 3 minutes. good game but please fix that.


It was pretty cool to be walking around in a real city.Great job.