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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

nice work!

I like it damn much, the mouse-screen reaction is slick and rhe animation is innovating and funny..

Great job!!

Pretty cool shit.

Official review from the Hamster House Of Doom:

I loved this game.The boss fights were kind of easy,though,and the enemys kind of got repitie.(Especially those annoying worms!) But,overall it was pretty badass.

Kinda cool.

I don't normally like the games your group develops that much, but this one was actually pretty clever. The volume of the sound volume was a bit too high compared to other entries (although a quick adjustment on my own volume took care of it), I didn't find it too difficult, and the toons just didn't seem to really fit with the backgrounds (motion captured people would have been more effective, though admittedly more difficult to implement), but it was still pretty innovative and fun, nonetheless.


How do you do that:D

the game

is fun