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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

Funny game, good time-waster.

I liked it, it was cool how it was set up, and the duck was funny lol.


For some reason after the cop I go in the alley and it is all BLACK, things are popping out of blackness. this seems like a glitch. MAybe Im wrong then the garbage cans head opens and you can see some brick behind it but the rest is black everywhere. The rest worked tho. Its good but if you want a higher score from me you will have to add machine guns grenades shotguns pistols zombies and monsters to it. good work.

It fun

It alot of fun but hard

7 for the game 3 for the "duck" x]

cool :D

Fun but frustrating

I liked the use of real footage but the target would lag when you shot too much, making it hard to hit the baddies. Very annoying. There was also no music, and during some fights the background went black. The gameplay was fun however and the game length wsa pretty satisfying too.