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Reviews for "Toon Crisis"

its a good game but....

I noticed a glitch (hard not to notice) where i didnt have musi. I checked and music was on, and the sound was on. Also, the background disappeared for me on the stage with the second boss. I would really like you to fix those problem... It would make it a lot better. I still rate 7 because of the uniqueness.


cool game but why 9 because i don't know what the duck is for.

Bottom Line: Okay, for a rail shooter.

Good: Ability to turn off cutscenes which otherwise get a bit repetitive, and are rather boring to watch in the first place.

Bad: Not too lenient on the hit-detection. Therefore, giving the player an unfair disadvantage. Also, the game would greatly benefit from some form of combo system - basically a system that rewards the player for keeping perfect aim by giving extra points for each consecutive hit on an enemy. Lastly, I would suggest adding in action segments during cut-scenes to give them more of a purpose. As it stands currently, they're really just obstructing the fun parts of this game.

Duck Activated

The game wasn't my kinda thing, but the duck was funny. I ALWAYS activated the duck. XD

The duck = epic win. I was gonna give you a six, but the duck made it seven.


its awesome and hard