Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 1 - SE"


Awesome, but...

Why does Miles have such a beefy voice?
You ought to have kid it up a little or something...

That voice sounds more like Shadow's voice or something.

I feel tails pain

I know what it's like to lose a loved one becase my granddad died when i was only 8

Tarnish responds:

Hmmm, well then you have at least 1 thing in common with Tails, losing a loved one at the age of 8..kinda weird coincidence..

*crys really hard thay the room floods*

*crys* aww that so sad :'( *crys even more* sniff...i still watching season 2...but it that true that tails killed Cosmo bur he had no choice???...some1 need to explain that to me lol

still nice idea m8!
hee actually i think u given me an idea!

Nice storyline

Hello, Tarnish. I don't know if you remember me(I'm wierdtails, the guy who knows the whole plot from Wikipedia, from which i got most of the following information), and this flash is really cool. You know, although some carachters die, most fictional carachters don't really seem to actually STAY dead (especially in comic books), so I'll bet that Cosmo will return sooner or later. For example, Superman once had to fight an alien monster named Doomsday, and although he managed to kill him, he was seemingly killed as well. However, it was later discovered that his powers made him enter a hibernative state, during which he healed.
Sonic himself was killed in Sonic The Hedgehog(2006) but was revived using the chaos emeralds. And in an alternate Star Wars timeline, Darth Maul managed to survive his encounter with Obi Wan, and had his lower body replaced with robotic legs.
Speaking of Star Wars, the plot for your future flashes looks a bit like Revenge Of The Sith, in which a mysterious hooded figure(Darth Sidious/ ???) promises the main carachter (Anakin Skywalker/ Tails) to save the one he loves (Padme/ Cosmo), but the main carachter is slowly led to darkness...
P.S.It would be cool 2 have something like Dark Super Tails or something like that.
P.P.S. I saw an image of cosmo on wikipedia, and she's kinda cute =D

Just some Info

for those who dont know,tails is going after shadow because shadow tried to kill cosmo,so tails is pretty pissed because of that.