Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 1 - SE"


I just know this is going to be an awesome-ass series! Poor Tails, I hope he can bring back Cosmo.(=(. By the way, I was curious. I swear to god that the Dark Stranger is either Black Doom or the Metarex, I just know it! Anyways, great job, don't let this series die. I would love to see more!

P.S. this series is alot like Shadow the Hedgehog, a stranger telling him to do something, Tails thinking getting the Chaos Emeralds would help his own purpose.

Tarnish responds:

Well I hope it will be an awesome series, I am doing my best to make it cool. I dunno about bringind back Cosmo, but I have a lot of ending ideas, so I think I'll make all of them. I'm not gonna tell who the Dark Stranger is, I don't wanna spoil anything. ;D And last but not least: yeah, my idea is similar to the Shadow game, but (like you'll see) I also took ideas from all over the Sonic games and add my own ideas, plus taking suggestions from other Sonic fans of how the ideal/true Sonic should be, which I hope will result in a whole new and totally unique Sonic series...hope it will work better than Sonic 2006 did...

Nice job! :D

Normally i dont like tails, but u made him pretty damn cool in this movie, and nice sprite edits, i know b/c i have made many, many edits, as everyone else will see when my next eps of my series comes out. But anyway excellent headed for part 2 next, hope 3 is a good success for u as well.

Peace Out, :D

What the hell?

What did you smoke that possessed you to make this series? Tails knows it wasn't Eggman and Shadow's fault for Cosmo's death, besides, Shadow shouldn't even appear in this series, in case you forgot, he was blown up by the exploding planet eggs, remember?

Tarnish responds:

I dunno about you, but it looked like Shadow died in Sonic Adventure 2 after Chaos Controling the Ark with Sonic to safety...and yet, he's still here. So why the heck can't I say that he survived at the end of Sonic X? He's the ultimate lifeform for crying out loud, stuff like this should be a piece of cake for him. And like I said a few times before to other reviewers, perhaps Cosmo would have survived this whole situation IF Shadow and Eggman wouldn't have gotten in the way when Sonic & co. collected the emeralds in space for the FIRST time. And if some1 wants revenge, you think they actually care who is really responsible for what happened? And I also believe that there are a lot bigger Sonic craps (no offense to any1) around newgrounds, so just back off, ok? (Atleast I know you saw the series, and thx anyway for the review.)


I Saw The Last Two Episodes(Sonic x 77-78) and this realy connects to the show. i really like the i am song too. I hope you get frount page!!! That may be too much thouigh. I Think That in the last episode you should do Super Sonic Vs. A Complete Dark (An Evil) Tails. I Can't Wait For The Next ones. I Dought You will reunitetails an d cosmo however. the cosmo sprites are nearly inpossible to find. ive only found one an it's in her adult form(Before Tree). S o it 'll be hard.

It was alright

A bit short and a dull storyline but it could go places. I love your custom sprites of Tails though.....that is if you made em. Even so if you ever need help with making flash movies or such contact me sometime and i could help you out a little bit. Mabye with ur voice actors if u still need any that is.