Reviews for "Tails OTWOR 1 - SE"

Just as good if not better.

No more words.

Tarnish responds:

Heh, okay I guess..thx.

Pretty cool

It was short, but it's good anyway.
Cuz Tails is kewl :)
Keep up the great work.

- The Yumminess-

Tarnish responds:

Thx, it was my first work in flash so of course it's short. And you bet that Tails is cool.

Nice beginning

I cant wait to see how tails will kick ass hes my favorite sonic character.

Tarnish responds:

Heh, yeah he's my fave char too, but not only from Sonic but in the whole world.

short but good

cool i want to see tails pwn eggman

Tarnish responds:

I'll try to make that part better..


This are great episodes, Im looking forward to the 3er episode, GOOD JOB!!

Tarnish responds:

Thx, I'll try to work on it as much as I can during the holidays.